Social Media Avatar Templates

To maintain a consistent look and feel across all of Texas State University’s social media accounts, University Marketing has designed social media avatar templates that properly incorporate the university’s brand.  

What Are Social Media Avatars?

Social media avatars are graphics or images that represent a user on their social media profile(s). The use of a branded avatar can help social media users instantly recognize your official university account.

Texas State's Twitter social media avatar and cover.
Social avatar is the maroon circle with TXST logo.
Avatar Example
Avatar Example

Avatar Guidelines

When using these avatar templates, follow these guidelines to ensure consistency with the TXST brand:


  • Use the avatar to clearly identify your college, school, or department
  • Plan on using your avatar for months at a time, if not longer, as frequently changing it can confuse followers
  • Leave a 50px buffer from the edge of the graphic for copy


  • Font and size have been optimized for avatars and should not be changed
  • Text should not exceed two lines
  • Color combos have been optimized for avatars and should not be changed
  • The University Seal CANNOT be used as a social avatar
  • The SuperCat logo CANNOT be used as a social avatar without Athletics approval
  • Do NOT use these image files for anything other than social media avatars

Naming Conventions

  • Use a shortened version of your college, department, or school name
  • Up to 26 characters (including spaces) are available
  • Use the ampersand symbol instead of "and"
  • Do not use hyphens

How Do I Change My Avatar?

Avatar Template

How To Make Your Social Avatar

Included in the download is a PDF with instructions that includes screenshots for guidance. You can also find instructions at this page.

Social Cover Photos

Your cover photo (also known as header photo) is the image that is displayed at the top of your profile on Facebook or Twitter. The cover photo is a wonderful opportunity to highlight Texas State’s unique identity, and so we have curated a number of options for your use.