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Texas State University


Wild Bobcat Wallpaper

bobcat_1280x720 (JPG, 1 MB)
bobcat_1600x900 (JPG, 1 MB)
bobcat_2048x1152 (JPG, 2 MB)
bobcat_2560x1440 (JPG, 4 MB)

Turtle Wallpaper

turtles_1280 (JPG, 1 MB)
turtles_1600 (JPG, 2 MB)
turtles_2048 (JPG, 3 MB)
turtles_2560 (JPG, 4 MB)

Old Main Wallpaper

oldmain_1280 (JPG, 648 KB)
oldmain_1600 (JPG, 868 KB)
oldmain_2048 (JPG, 1 MB)
oldmain_2560 (JPG, 1 MB)

Logo Maroon Wallpaper

maroon_1280 (JPG, 36 KB)
maroon_1600 (JPG, 49 KB)
maroon_2048 (JPG, 73 KB)
maroon_2560 (JPG, 360 KB)

Logo Gold Wallpaper

gold_1280 (JPG, 36 KB)
gold_1600 (JPG, 54 KB)
gold_2048 (JPG, 78 KB)
gold_2560 (JPG, 103 KB)

maroon color field with TXST Bobcats logo in the center
txst-bobcats_1280 (JPG, 105 KB)
txst-bobcats_1600 (JPG, 150 KB)
txst-bobcats_2048 (JPG, 200 KB)
txst-bobcats_2560 (JPG, 272 KB)

maroon color field with TXST logo centered
txst_1280 (JPG, 94 KB)
txst_1600 (JPG, 126 KB)
txst_2048 (JPG, 174 KB)
txst_2560 (JPG, 237 KB)